Exploring the extraordinary conference

7th Conference
Friday 4th – Sunday 6th December, 2015
York Marriott Hotel, Tadcaster Road, York, UK

Since its inception in 2007, members of Exploring the Extraordinary have organised six successful academic conferences that have brought together researchers from a variety of different disciplines and backgrounds. The purpose of these events has been to encourage a wider dissemination of knowledge and research, and an interdisciplinary discussion of extraordinary phenomena and experience. By ‘extraordinary’ we refer to phenomena and experiences that are considered to be beyond the mundane, referring to those that have been called supernatural, paranormal, mystical, transcendent, exceptional, spiritual, magical and/or religious, as well as the relevance of such for human culture. 


5th British Congress on Medicine and Spirituality

A two days event with 10 Speakers.
31st October and 1st November 2015
London – Rudolf Steiner House and Theatre

Come and experience this cutting edge event where pioneering scientists present their research findings on the relationship between medicine and spiritual practice. For the programme and booking information click the link below:

5th British Congress on Medicine and Spirituality

Ethnic Health Initiative – spirit possession and mental health conferences


Spirit possession is recognised worldwide across many cultures and by several religions. Spirit possession is often seen as an idiom of distress causing a change in behaviour and mental well being. Spirit possession is also included in the ICD 10 and DSM IV classifications of mental disorders, yet the extent to which it is recognised and / or discussed in clinical practice is less than we would expect, even in UK cities where there resides a diverse population.
This one day event will consider the critical themes and debates on spirit possession from an anthropological, social, psychological, medical and religious perspective using a range of illustrative case study, clinical practice and research.
• Discuss possible definitions and different kinds of spirit possession
• Debate the key elements which typify spirit possession
• Discuss who can make a diagnosis of spirit possession and how such a diagnosis might be made
• Compare and contrast how spirit possession might be viewed by clinicians, religious leaders, healers, the “the patient”, family and community members
• Discuss the value of using patient’s explanatory model of illness
• Reflect upon the key issues associated with defining what is “normal” and “abnormal”
• Discuss folk healing practices in different cultures and “treatment” options including exorcism
• Consider whether there is a need to enhance joint working between mental health professionals and transitional healers.
This conference will be relevant to all professionals in the field of Mental Health and Social Care, including those from Local Authorities and NHS trusts across the UK, Social Workers, Approved Mental Health Professionals, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Early Intervention Teams, CPN’s, OT’s, Chaplains, Community Faith Leaders & Healers, Equality Leads, Community Development Workers, Service User Representatives, Charities, Third Sector, Educational Establishments, Academics and Policy makers.

2nd edition of The Science of Spirit Possession released

2nd ed cover


This second edition includes an additional chapter on neuro-imaging and automatic writing, together with a draft research protect protocol to test the efficacy of remote spirit release therapy under strictly controlled conditions.

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Read what some reviewers say about the book here

Transpersonal Psychologist

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