40th SPR International Annual Conference

The SPR’s 40th International Annual conference will be held at the University of Leeds, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 9JT, U.K. between Friday 2 and Sunday 4 September 2016. The University Leeds is in the centre of the city. As always, our very full conference programme will address a broad range of topics, covering both spontaneous cases and laboratory research. In addition to the talks, conferences are a marvelous opportunity to network and share views, and there will be time to socialise over lunch and the regular breaks, not to mention during the President’s drinks reception on Friday evening and Saturday’s conference banquet. Speakers have come from all over the UK, as well as from Europe and the United States, making it truly an international event. This year’s conference promises to be full of interest, as ever, and the new chairman of our Conference Programme Committee will add a fresh take on a tried and tested formula. Those who attend, whether this is their first conference or their fortieth, can be sure of having both an informative and a very enjoyable time. We look forward to seeing you in Leeds!


Wild or Domesticated Interdisciplinary Conference

An interdisciplinary conference organized by The Mind and the Other Research Project and by The Finnish Anthropological Society.

Helsinki, Finland (The House of Science and Letters), September 20-22, 2016

I shall be speaking at this conference on the topic of Spirit Release Therapy Methods of Discernment.


Uncanny experiences, the search for the inexplicable, or the belief in supernatural beings or universal energies trigger disputes about at least ontology, rationality, sanity, and the limits of the mind. Modern Western society is for the most part characterized by principles such as rationality and efficiency. Quoting Max Weber, these ideas comprise the leading forces of modern society and science. However, what several scholars in religious studies currently call post-secularism has given rise to new spiritual tendencies and movements in society. These post-secular tendencies have brought about something that several authors term ‘re-enchantment’: new spirituality and uncanny experiences are perhaps more than ever a part of Western everyday life. Some scholars define the situation as a crisis of rationality, whereas others again accentuate the recurrent nature of historical phenomena, pointing to recurring waves of thought stretching from the Ancient past to the present. Still others claim that in practice the rational and the uncanny are intertwined in a new mode. In historical and ethnographic explorations the uncanny can be understood, not as a boundary between rational and its “outside”, but as an element of connection and compromise between them practiced by ordinary people and practices of institutions, such as modern medicine and science.


ASSAP 35th Anniversary Conference Seriously Strange

Seriously strange https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/assap-35th-anniversary-conference-seriously-strange-tickets-24751662890 is the keynote paranormal event of the year, spread over two days. The biggest paranormal event of its kind in a generation– Not to be missed

  • A weekend of live experiments, research and some of the most respected speakers of our age.
  • Live experiments and research – watch or take part
  • 20 of the most respected speakers of our time on a vast array of subjects
  • Gala dinner with disco and entertainment to celebrate our 35th Anniversary.
  • Special guests and surprises.


Rev Peter Law, Dr Hannah Gilbert, Dr Terry Palmer, Steve Parsons, Ann Winsper, David Saunder, Anthony Peake, Jayne Harris, Malcolm Robinson, David Farrent, John Fraser, Alan Murdie, Dr Leo Ruickbie, Lara Wells, Deborah Hyde, Trystan Swale, Richard Freeman. More to be announced

Psychic Readings with the Thinkers of Heaven

Download this extraordinary ebook from Amazon for free and judge for yourself the validity of these communications with the Spirit World.


Extraordinary psychic medium Martha McGinnis transcribes detailed, one-hour conversations with spiritual and historical figures. Persons contacted through this channeling process include religious leaders (Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Abraham, and Lao Tzu), political figures (Churchill, Gandhi, and Lincoln), natural scientists (Einstein, Galileo, and Feynman), social scientists (Jung and Friedman), writers and artists (Shakespeare, Milton, Pope, and Leonardo da Vinci), philosophers (Plato and Emerson), and jurists (Holmes and Bacon).
We ask readers to suspend disbelief and consider the profound implications of this new view of a benevolent universe, which differs dramatically from views offered by either clergymen or scientific materialists. These path-breaking psychic readings demonstrate that God is an All-Forgiving and All-Loving figure, there is no Hell or Purgatory, and virtually all persons obtain admission to heaven. These readings describe in rich detail the activities of men and women in heaven, heaven’s view of progress on earth, and the best means to worship and serve God.

These channeled interviews are full of new biographical and historical information, as well as fascinating insights into science, the creative process, planetary evolution, political science, and global economics.

On August 12, 2012, Kirkus Reviews provided this summary of Psychic Readings With The Thinkers Of Heaven:

“This rather unusual read is an excellent informal introduction to the work of various historical figures.

The unique premise of this debut book is sure to catch readers’ attention: John and Martha enter a heightened state of psychic connectedness as a means to gain access to their desired interview candidates. From the moment of ascension into this other realm, John and Martha build a portrait of each figure’s life and contributions to the world, while adding their own interpretations of that subject’s work. The authors convey the content as a nonfiction experience, although most readers may have to suspend disbelief. John assembles a list of writers, scientists, holy people, world leaders and philosophers, omitting no discipline or ethnicity. The list of candidates for interview is impressive: Albert Einstein, Jesus of Nazareth, Plato, William Shakespeare and Mohandas Gandhi. All of the guests speak modern, informal English, regardless of their native tongues, which makes the narrative more accessible, allowing the reader to feel connected wth the subjects. There’s not a particular feeling that the exchange is happening in another world, although one goal of the book is to bring readers into this other world. The authors strive to build a bridge betwen the mortal and the divine, endeavoring to foster a deeper understanding of human design. John and Martha raise equally thoughtful questions as they encounter esteemed scholars and philosophers from all cultures throughout the history of the world. At times, though, the text reads as a support of John’s own intellectual musings. He brings to each conversation his personal experience and understanding of the interviewee’s work, even asking for affirmation that his intellectual summations are correct. Unsurprisingly, each candidate is unfailingly impessed with John’s work and intellectual acumen, and they encourage him to continue sharing his ideas and experiences with the world. The narrative commences with a humble air, yet as it progresses, the tone tends to become didactic as the finer points of the interviewees’ research or philosophies are tested and questioned. While many of the conversations illustrate John’s and Martha’s depth of knowledge, readers are also urged to familiarize themselves with the corresponding original texts to fully benefit from applying the philosophies discussed herein.”

The Practical Value of Psychic Protection Scanning

During a practical lesson on how to use a psychic self-protection protocol, one member of the group experienced a blockage in connecting with her Higher-Self and The Light. On investigation using the remote method with a soul rescue group several attached entities were discovered. Here is a recording of the first entities found. The video has been clipped to edit out the private and personal aspects of the case.


Releasing an Earthbound Spirit

Gail attended the presentation on psychic self defence at the Crazy Wisdom Bookstore in Ann Arbor, Michigan on 10th May 2016. She posed the question, ‘When you are visualising, eliminating the negative whilst going into a trance, how do you see it, what does it look like?’

She was invited to find out from her own experience. This recording answered her question. Now she knows.



Domestic Violence and Sex Crimes. Offender Rehabilitation with SRT.

Experiences whilst working in the United States in 2006 led to the idea of a research project to test the hypothesis that spirit entities are responsible for many cases of domestic abuse and sex crimes. Should this hypothesis be supported then the rehabilitation of convicted felons would be shown in higher success rates and lower recidivism. Download a pdf file here: