EVP Dangers

Conducting Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) experiments without proper controls and supervision can have unpleasant consequences. EVP involves capturing the voices of discarnate spirits on electronic recording equipment and is used by researchers looking for evidence of spirits. Often used by ghost hunters and paranormal researchers, the devices are often referred to as a ‘ghost box’. This video clip is a recording of an example of what can happen to the unwary experimenter.


Succubus Encounter

Succubus and Incubus are sexual demons that have been depicted in religious texts and folklore under a variety of names for millennia. They have attracted the attention of occultists, demonologists and fantasy artists, and here is a small selection of artistic representations of the female Succubus.

1366007735 0 commission  angthea  succubus by jocarra-d3hhoxt Lilith (John Collier painting) Monster succubus greed large Sarah-Succubus-Cool-Night smolderingsuccubus1280 by graysun d-d69a3et  1 Succubus succubus by ron faure-daaniip Succubus1

We may ask where does the inspiration for this art come from. But here is an interesting encounter with a Succubus of the Ilith Hierarchy that attached to a person who asked for help with a ‘possessing’ entity. We were surprised that the entity engaged us in conversation to reveal its true nature.


The Practical Value of Psychic Protection Scanning

During a practical lesson on how to use a psychic self-protection protocol, one member of the group experienced a blockage in connecting with her Higher-Self and The Light. On investigation using the remote method with a soul rescue group several attached entities were discovered. Here is a recording of the first entities found. The video has been clipped to edit out the private and personal aspects of the case.


Releasing an Earthbound Spirit

Gail attended the presentation on psychic self defence at the Crazy Wisdom Bookstore in Ann Arbor, Michigan on 10th May 2016. She posed the question, ‘When you are visualising, eliminating the negative whilst going into a trance, how do you see it, what does it look like?’

She was invited to find out from her own experience. This recording answered her question. Now she knows.