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Personal face-to-face consultations for standard Hypnotherapy and special Spirit Release Therapy (SRT) are priced at £80 per one-hour session, and are conducted at Crawley General Hospital.

For Clients who are unable to attend the clinic, and who believe themselves to be affected in some way by a discarnate spirit entity may request a Skype interview for the same fee as a face-to-face consultation.

For those Clients who are unable to attend the clinic and do need to be relieved of their spirit interference or attachments may request a Remote Spirit Release procedure from a distance. Remote sessions require the expertise of two practitioners, and this means that the price is £160 per one-hour session.  Follow-up scans are usually conducted free of charge, but further release work will be charged at the standard rate for remote work.

Prior to the commencement of any standard hypnotherapy or Spirit Release procedure it is important to collect base-line date which includes your name, address, contact details, date of birth, ethnic origin, family connections and any spiritual or religious affiliation that may be important to you. This information is treated as strictly confidential and may be entered by you on the contact form below or when you register to make an appointment booking. It may also be useful to know whether you have been given any clinical diagnosis for your distress by a medical practitioner.

The Remote Spirit Release method requires two practitioners working together on behalf of the Client. This method is used when the Client is in a remote (distant) location from the SRT practitioners and  are therefore not in direct contact with the Client at the time of the procedure. The scanner goes into a trance and is used as an instrument of communication between the facilitator (therapist) the Client’s Higher Self, the entity(s), and any spirit Guides that may be present to offer guidance and advice.  The facilitator’s job is to guide the scanner, to protect him/her from interference or harm and to bring him/her back from their trance state when the release is completed. Remote spirit release sessions take a little time to organise and prepare for. It is therefore difficult to arrange a definite time for a session in advance. Remote session bookings are therefore made provisionally in the appointments schedule.   Clients who wish to use this method and book their own appointments should choose the Customer Site location for Personal Consultation and Remote Spirit Release  from the options menu in the booking facility below..

Prior to the commencement of any therapy or intervention you will be asked to complete a form of Informed Consent and make your payment in advance. Please be certain that you wish to proceed on our acceptance of your informed consent and your payment, as there is no cancellation refund policy.

If you are sure that you wish to initiate a request for assistance please begin by completing the contact form below and any questions you may have will be answered by email without delay.


Following an agreement to take you as a client you may choose to register and  use the booking button below to update your contact details and book your appointments. Alternatively just leave it to me Dr T. Palmer.

Note: the book-now button is not designed to work on smart phones and some tablets – sorry for that.

After your booking has been made use the Pay Pal facility to make your payment and confirm your consultation.

Thank you.

Consultation fees

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