Fees and Bookings

  1. Personal face-to-face consultations for standard Hypnotherapy and special Spirit Release Therapy (SRT) are priced at £50 per one-hour session, and are conducted at our Folkestone clinic.
  2. Clients who are unable to attend the clinic may request a Skype interview for the same fee as a face-to-face consultation. Send a contact request with your Skype name and email address.
  3. For those Clients or referred Patients who are unable to attend the clinic and need to be relieved of their spirit interference or attachments may request a Remote Spirit Release procedure from a distance. The Remote Spirit Release method is used when the Patient is in a remote (distant) location from the SRT practitioners and  are therefore not in direct contact with the Patient at the time of the procedure. You can be in any part of the world and request a remote session. Remote sessions require the expertise of two practitioners, and this means that the price is £100 per one-hour session.  Follow-up scans are usually conducted free of charge, but any further work that may be required will be charged at the standard rate for remote work.

The first step in arranging a consultation is to complete the contact form below.

After we have accepted your referral please download and print the two forms below, complete  and return them as email attachments:

  1.  Initial referral
  2. Informed consent

When you submit your forms please use the Pay Pal button below to make a £10 deposit to secure your appointment and confirm your consultation, or pay in full if you so choose.

Please be certain that you wish to proceed on our acceptance of your informed consent and your payment, as there is no cancellation refund policy.

Thank you.

Consultation fees

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