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Dear potential reader:

The world is changing – fast. Gone are the days of allowing ourselves to be influenced by what politicians, bankers, multinationals, the pharmaceutical industry, religious leaders and the media may wish us to believe. To some extent this also applies to the publishing industry. Consequently I have chosen to publish the results of my 25 years of investigation as a free download from the Internet as my contribution towards ‘The 2012 Disclosure’ that we have been waiting for, for so long. I hope that you are able to benefit from my research and that in some way it validates and encourages you to advance your own journey of discovery through life.

This is not about making money. It is simply my attempt to bring ‘hidden knowledge’ to as wide an audience as possible, in the shortest possible time. In this context I ask that, if what I have identified in ‘Discovering Truth’ rings true with you, I would be grateful if you would please forward this link on to at least 3 people who you feel might also benefit from this work.

In reviewing the manuscript Larry Dossey, MD, author of ‘The Power of Premonitions’ and ‘Reinventing Medicine’ described the book as ‘wonderful, beautiful, impressive work!’ His endorsement reads:

“Discovering Truth is a marvellous description of how the world really is – not a disconnected jumble of people and events, but a unified pattern in which everything is connected through space and time. Nicholls is a compelling writer whose message of oneness is utterly important; indeed, our future as a species may depend on it. Highly recommended.”

Dr. Peter Fenwick, Emeritus Consultant Neuro-psychiatrist, Maudsley Hospital and Honorary Consultant Neurophysiologist, St Thomas Hospital has also reviewed the work. He is President of the Scientific and Medical Network and President of the Horizon Foundation. This is what he had to say:

“What you write about certainly reinforces again and again the non-local nature of mind, and the significant relationships which we can gather about each other, the future and the world, if only we are quiet and look and are open to them. Your chapters led me to think what a different world it would be if we all used this capacity to the extent that you can.”

I wish you the enjoyment and excitement that I experienced as you join with me on a journey of discovery into this new paradigm which awaits us all.

Murray (Nick) Nicholls Kingsbridge, England 7 November 2012

Get the complete book free of charge right here:

Discovering Truth – Consolidated Total Document


Discernment: Recognising the Presence of Spirits

Wild or Domestic is an interdisciplinary conference to be held in Helsinki from 20th to the 22nd of September.

Discernment is a key skill in many traditions concerned with non-physical, non-ordinary beings, whether in the context of shamanism, spirit possession and mediumship, or spirit release therapies and ghost hunting in contemporary post-industrial societies. How do practitioners know that spirits are present? How do practitioners distinguish between what they perceive to be an external, ontological other and the ‘normal’ self? What methods are employed to make this distinction? Inherent in such questions are issues relating to the nature of personhood and consciousness – what exactly constitutes a ‘person,’ and what is ‘consciousness’? This workshop will explore the theme of discernment from a range of different cultural contexts, and will discuss the implications of traditions of discernment for wider questions about the nature of consciousness and self.

PhD candidate Jack Hunter University of Bristol, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, UK
Dr. Fiona Bowie, King’s College London, Department of Theology and Religious Studies, UK

Dr Terence Palmer will be presenting evidence of how Spirit Release practitioners can discern the differences between different types of spirit. For a pdf of all abstracts for the workshop click on this link. Helsinki Abstracts – Discerning Spirits.

A quote from John McGinnis, co-author of The Resurrection of Clifford McGinnis

On the validity of evidence of a spirit world and the value of channelled information, John McGinnis writes:

“My confirmation of the reality of the spirits comes from several sources.  We begin with relatives who can talk about early years and events unknown to the medium.  I also examine the quality of the information, does it help in a pragmatic way?  With historical figures you can compare the commentary to the history books.  From a psychologist’s perspective, it is good to look for pragmatic results, changes in mood and mentality, dissipation of grief and depression, loss of fear of death.  A big flood of joy comes from these channelled readings.” John McGinnis.