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Articles, papers and manuscripts.

Conference Papers

  • Palmer, T. J. (2011) Spirit Possession and Telepathic Hypnosis. Presented at Ethnographic Study of the Afterlife:The Afterlife Research Centre, Bristol University. 4th July 2011. This paper is temporarily unavailable due to publishing negotiations, but an audio recording is available at the foot of this page.
  • Palmer, T. J. (2011) The Scientific Approach of F.W.H. Myers to the Study of Mystical Experiences, Divination, Psi, and its Value to Psychology. Presented at the Diamonic Imagination and Uncanny Intelligence Conference: Kent University. 6-7th May 2011. This paper has now been published as Chapter 8, in a book of the same name as the original conference, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Palmer. T. J. (2009) The Spirit of Fear. Presented at Religions, Landscapes and Other Uncertain Boundaries.The British Society for the Study or Religion Conference: Bangor University.(pdf BASR annual conference 2009).  (Powerpoint BASR09).
  • Palmer, T. J. (2008) Are They Evil, Mad or Possessed? A method of investigation. Presented at the New Dimensions in Spirit Possession Conference 16th – 17th May 2008: Bangor University (Evil mad or possessed).



Articles and Papers

  • Palmer, T.J. (2006) Dissociation: Clinical and Mystical Perspectives. A dissertation researched and written for the degree of Master of Arts in the Study of Mysticism and Religious Experience at the University of Kent. MA dissociation2.doc.
  • Palmer T.J. (1999) Stress -  A Component of Everyday Life: A manual for the recognition and treatment of work related stress. A teaching manual.
  • Palmer T.J. (1999) Exam Stress and the Mature Student : A qualitative study. Stress News, v11, n3.
  • Palmer T.J. (1999) The Reliability of Nurses’ Observation and Patient Self-Reporting in the Measurement of Patients’ Distress:  A quantitative study to test the validity and reliability of methods of monitoring patients’ distress during upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. Unpublished.
  • Palmer T.J. (1998) The Psychodynamics of Alcoholism: A case history and theoretical approach to understanding machismo alcoholism. Unpublished.
  • Fear Reaction Models. An unpublished Powerpoint presentation to illustrate the relationship between thoughts and physiology.  Fear reaction models.

Unpublished manuscripts

Book 1. The Silent Witness. A channelled treatise of Taoism


This manuscript was first written in 1994, following the UK’s economic collapse of 1990-1991. The principles tackled in this book are unchanged, and this is why it is as relevant today in 2012 as it was then.

Born from frustration with economic disaster and disillusionment with futile government interventions, ‘The Silent Witness’ asks fundamental questions about how we came to be in such a mess and where we are headed in the future. The answers are surprising and demonstrate where rational scepticism and mysticism meet head on to provide a synthesis between modern science and profound spiritual experience. Here is prophesy with scientific clarity. Here is access to Universal Knowledge.

This is a work in progress. Read a preview of the original manuscript here if you want to pass comment in constructive criticism -  (The Silent Witness).

Book 2. DFE. Dark Force Entity. A narrative based on actual events

(pdf) Sample (First three chapters).


Book 3. Conversations with the Devil and other Discarnate Entities

A collection of true case histories that challenge our modern perceptions and scientific consensus.

Book 4. The Science of Spirit Possession

This book is now published by Lambert Academic Publishing and is available on Amazon.


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