Research Proposals

1. Domestic Violence and Sex Crimes. Offender Rehabilitation with SRT.
Experiences whilst working in the United States led to the idea of a research project to test the hypothesis that spirit entities are responsible for many cases of domestic abuse and sex crimes. Should this hypothesis be supported then the rehabilitation of convicted felons would be shown in higher success rates and lower recidivism. Download a pdf file
2. Hearing Voices in Schizophrenia: Hallucinations or Spirit Possession?
Psychiatry assumes that auditory hallucinations are a symptom of mental illness. However, SRT practitioners encounter patients who hear voices that claim to be spirits of the deceased or non-human dark force entities (DFEs) that could be described as demonic in religious terminology. This research project aims to test this hypothesis under controlled conditions and provide evidence that can validate remote (at a distance) interventions. Funding is being applied for and the project protocol is under development. However, collaboration is needed with an accredited research institution such as a medical school or psychiatry institution in order to complete the application. See the developing protocol here:
Auditory hallucinations or hearing voices? Draft Project Proposal(2)
3. The Efficacy of Remote Methods in the Treatment of Diseases of the Nervous System
A research project to test the efficacy of remote methods in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system would be dependent on the success of a controlled experiment along the lines of the following procedure to test the efficacy of telepathic diagnosis. For an example of a remote diagnostic and treatment procedure go to the case studies page.
4. Telepathic Diagnosis
The procedure for using telepathy to diagnose medical and psychiatric conditions from a distance has been initiated and is now an ongoing project.If you are interested in participating in this project either as a subject who has already been given a medical diagnosis, or as a clairvoyant scanner then please enter your contact details and express your interest in the form below.
A proposal presented at a conference at Bangor University in 2008.
None of the above proposals have yet received funding. This means that the current research is conducted without financial resources and all travel and administrative costs are out-of-pocket. If you would like to contribute to these costs then your donation will be gratefully received. In addition to personal donations, corporate sponsorship is encouraged and invited.

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